Bingos and Casinos are a key fundraising component of the Lethbridge Diving club.  The Lethbridge Diving Club participates in up to 8 Bingos per year (once a month) and 1 Casino event every 3 years. 


  • Regular Bingo Dates for Winter 2023 session are currently set for 11am-4pm.  Note that VIRTUAL Bingos are evenings from 6-9:
    • Sunday, Jan 1st
    • Saturday, Feb 25th
    • Monday, March 13th (VIRTUAL BINGO)
    • Sunday, Apr 9th (YES!  This is Easter Sunday)


  • Our Casino was in March of 2022 so our next anticipated Casino dates are in 2025!  Thank you to the volunteers who helped with this critical fundraising event.