Bingos and Casinos are a key fundraising component of the Lethbridge Diving club.  The Lethbridge Diving Club participates in up to 8 Bingos per year (once a month) and 1 Casino event every 3 years. 

(2017 was our Casino Year so there will be no Casino to run in 2020 or 2021 due to the pandemic.)


While pandemic restrictions are in force, Bingos are operating virtually and volunteer requirements are minimized. The Spring Session for 2021 will have us doing approximately one "VIRTUAL" event per month. Some facts about Virtual Bingos as compared to regular in house Bingos

  • All times are from 6 PM - 9:30 PM.
  • Virtual Bingo dates are set every MONTH so we only have visibility one month in Advance.
  • ONLY 3 volunteers are needed per Virtual Bingo
  • The whole job is to simply answer the phone and record winner information.  You are essentially a virtual Bingo checker.  No sales, No walking, No player interaction.
  • No Player Interaction: All players play from home via YouTube and call in when they win.
  • Jobs are still at the Bingo hall but only 5 or 6 people are in attendace and all are Bingo employees or one of the volunteers (of which we supply 3).
  • Masks are required while in the hall.  Phones are distanced so you aren't sitting too close to others.

Please keep in mind that will all change once we go back to "in house" Bingos.


  • Tuesday, April 14, 2021
  • May - June are TBD


NO Casino Dates for 2021


Please note that there is no concession allowance (or Concession right now) for Bingo events.  Please bring a water bottle and any food you may wish for break time.  There is a concession on site if you wish to purchase food.