We offer a wide variety of programs throughout the year (some programs subject to coaching availability and public interest).  Our regular classes are as follows; however, restrictions on pool availability has forced us to reformat our pool times: 

  • Learn to Dive - this one hour class is designed to introduce beginners to the sport of diving.  Classes will consist of 1/2 hour of dryland training plus 1/2 hour of pool time.  Participants learn the basic skills of diving in a fun and safe environment.  We have no starting age limit but divers must be comfortable swimming in the deep end on their own.
  • Advanced Learn to Dive - this 1.5 hour class is designed for participants who have previously attended a Learn to Dive session.  Participants are expected to have a basic understanding of posture, take-offs (including hurdle progressions), and head first entries to enter the advanced learn to dive class.  Skills taught include back entries, hurdles, 3 meter head first entries and progressions towards all 6 directions and dive types.  Classes will consist of 1/2 hour dryland training plus 1 hour of pool time.
  • Pre-Competitive / Competitive - this 2 hour class is designed to assist participants working towards competition and older kids such as teens.  All 5 (6 on platform) dive types are developed to ensure participants have a complete dive list for their age group.  Extended Dryland training for competitive diver include advanced dive work and strength training.
  • Adult - this 2 hour class is currently integrated with our Pre-Competitive / Competitive class.  Participants may join as often as they like and may be at any level of development.


Group 1: Learn to Dive (new kids only).  This group will consist of ONLY 1 class of up to 8 kids and will be in the pool without regular divers.

Group 2: “Returning” Divers.  This group will consist of any returning divers – no matter their skill level or age group.  Returning divers will train in the pool at the same time in two groups of ten (including coach)

ALL MEETS are currently cancelled under Gov’t Pandemic orders; however, during normal times, all programs (including LTD) are eligible to compete in meets throughout the year.  Lethbridge currently attends up to 3 meets within the province.  These meets are usually in December, March, and June when running.

Spring 2021

The Spring Session for 2021 will run through April - June of 2021.  Please the main page for notes on changes due to COVID19.


Learn to Dive (New Divers) Session:

  • Sundays (1 day per week)
  • 2:45 – 3:45 pm
  • April 25 – June 13 (8 lessons)
  • LIMIT: 8 divers per class
    • Cost: $40


Returning Divers: 

  • Wednesday, Friday and/or Sunday
    • Wed: 6:30-8pm
    • Fri: 6:30-8pm
    • Sun: 1-2:30 pm
  • April 14 – June 20 (10 weeks total)
  • LIMIT: 9 divers per group
  • You must choose the # of days by choosing the days you wish to attend.  NOTE that depending on registration you may not get all the days you wish.  Please email for preferences as we sort through our schedule.
    • Cost: $75 one day per week
    • Cost: $140 two days per week
    • Cost: $205 three days per week